Campaigning Today For a Cleaner, Safer, and Healthier Tomorrow

Vote for Lisa. Vote for Change!

A vote for Lisa Ortega is a vote for cleaner air, cleaner water, ideas that create less commute times, and encourage community and neighborhood building by working where we live. I promote outdoor school gardens, after school programs and a better education system (almost worst in the Nation).                         

I Stand for Clean Air

Our District lies in Clark County, which received an F grade from the American Lung Association for air quality. We deserve better than that. I will fight hard for legislation that improves our air quality by proposing incentives for business that hire employees within their own zip codes. This will help reduce pollution, traffic congestion, and commute times for all.                              

I Stand for Clean Water

The health of Nevada's  water resources are critical for our survival. Locally, the water that runs through District 18's wetlands park feeds into our drinking water in Lake Mead. As a state legislator, I will work to find funding so that our waterways are cleaned of large debris and these areas (and many other places in Nevada) are not used as dump sites. Let's demand clean water and cleaner, safer neighborhoods. 

I Stand for Clean Energy and Green Jobs

Wind, solar, and geothermal energy solutions will provide cleaner air and new, good paying jobs. Unemployment rates in District 18 are higher than the state and  national averages. I will fight for programs that provide training and clean energy jobs  for our residents in District 18, and other neighborhoods that need jobs.

I Stand for Clean and Safe Streets

We can work together to curb graffiti, report streetlights that are out and sidewalks that have over 1" lift to provide safety for our residents. I have met folks who are out there, cleaning graffiti themselves, and I applaud your efforts. 

Brighter Days are Ahead

We are all  under incredible stress due to COVID19, but together, we can work toward a brighter future. I hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. 

Here are some links to Covid 19 Resource Guides that may be helpful to you during this trying time:

Local Covid 19 Resource Guide

A special thank you to Battle Born Progress for this comprehensive guide to community resources. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Stay up to date with the Nation's latest information regarding the Covid 19 virus pandemic.

Nevada Health Response

Stay up to date with the State of Nevada's latest information regarding the Covid 19 virus pandemic.

Southern Nevada Health District

Stay up to date with the SNHD's latest information regarding the Covid 19 virus pandemic.

Clark County Covid 19 Update

Stay up to date with Clark County's latest information regarding the Covid 19 virus pandemic.

Henderson Business Resources

Stay up to date with the City of Hendersons latest information regarding the Covid 19 virus pandemic, business resources and financial assistance programs.

Please Contact Me

I know what it means to raise a family on a tight budget. Please know that any funds raised for this campaign will be used wisely, frugally, and with you in mind.Our donations have been made by family and friends just like you. I will not fill your mailboxes with items that are made to toss away. Instead of placing a lot of large signs on the side of the road, I will put money from my donations toward planting trees in our District's elementary schools. A greener tomorrow brings a brighter future for all.

Photo by: Jacob Morrison on Unsplash

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